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Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai is a visionary way of seeing Dubai, its attractive coastline and its other expansive contemporary building and development projects is from the sea on this scenic luxury yacht tour along the Dubai coast.

Be in union with natural elements, enjoy the cool breeze or the summer sun, relaxing on the yacht deck watch the marvelous vista of Dubai and share the most valuable moments with your loved ones on a Luxury Yacht Charter. The deep blue sea and the pristine luxury yacht gleam at each other making you fall in love with the futuristic city of Dubai.

Departure from Marina yacht Club at the preferred time of your luxury yacht cruising. You get a great chance to be at the middle of the water and to feel the pulse of Dubai by viewing all expansive developments dotted along the Marina. It's a rare moment to watch Dubai Palm, Atlantis hotel, Iconic Burj Al Arab hotel and The World Island from yacht. Soak up the sun or just inhale the air from sea, the melting effect is the great charm of the luxury yacht cruising trip in Dubai.

The lagoon area is great for swimming, if you wish to swim you could go for a leisurely swim along the lagoon also. Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai is just a call away to make your event memorable.

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  Capacity: 25 Persons   Capacity: 20 Persons   Capacity: 15 Persons  
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